Climate Radio 2015

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Welcome to the Climate Radio archive! We return in 2015 for what we hope will be several short series. We start the year with four hour-long programmes in March where we’ll be exploring some of big ideas for supercharging the climate change agenda. These will be broadcast on Tuesdays 4-5pm on Resonance FM and syndicated far and wide! For those of you wanting to catch up with Climate Radio’s most recent programming, our monthly shows for 2013 can be found here. As can our additional special programmes including new economics foundation fellow Andrew Simm’s keynote speech “Seeking Goodland”, coverage of the Reclaim The Power protest camp against fracking in Balcombe and an audio document of the Two Degrees festival of climate arts-activism. Thanks to Artists Project Earth, Resonance FM and New Internationalist for their support in 2013 and Network for Social Change for seed funding in 2015.

Climate Solutions: Divest & Boycott

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The climate movement is coalescing around a powerful campaigning tool which has proved decisive in previous struggles in history: economic divestment. What does this campaign look like on the ground in the UK? What have the wins been so far? What creative direct action tactics are being employed? How does campaign for a cultural boycott fit in? And can the campaign succeed where the UN talks have failed?

Our guests in this fourth and final show in this mini-series are:

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Climate Solutions: The Food Programme

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The food system is responsible for around 30% of global greenhouse gas emissions. Moving to a system of small-scale climate-friendly farming (“agroecology”) would drastically reduce these emissions and provide numerous co-benefits into the bargain. Recognising the right of local communities to determine how their food is produced (“food sovereignty”) would protect those already farming in this way against the destructive forces of large-scale agriculture. Your guides for this week’s programme are:

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Climate Solutions: A Revolution in Democracy

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Do we need to reform our democracy in order to get serious action on climate change? Is it time to fight for radical reform of our democracy so that it serves people and planet rather than the narrow interests of powerful groups such as the fossil fuel corporations? We look at the fledgling Occupy Democracy movement, the newly emerging campaigns for a 21st Century Great Democratic Reform Act and a citizen-led constitutional convention which could kick the corporate influence out of our government so that it starts to work in the public interest once again. Featuring:


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Climate Solutions: Fracking Our Democracy

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We are proud to present the first programme in a new mini-series focusing on Climate Solutions. This is actually the first of a two-parter on democracy. This first show takes a look at fracking as a case study which lifts the lid on the corrupting influence of fossil fuel corporations (and the banks that finance them) on our democracy. The imposition of fracking in the UK threatens our basic human rights, hampers our ability to tackle climate change and makes a mockery of the democratic process.


Next week, we’ll follow up by looking at the newly emerging campaign for a 21st Century Great Democratic Reform Act which would kick the corporate influence out of our government so that it starts to work in the public interest once again.

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Corporations at the very heart of power

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Owen Jones’ latest book, The Establishment: And how they get away with it (Allen Lane), is a pithy retelling of recent political scandals, studded with dozens of revealing interviews with power brokers.

It has hugely important things to say about the state of our democracy, the shocking pace at which the gains of the post-war settlement (the National Health Service (NHS), the welfare state) are being rolled back, and the extent to which bankers and corporations are now sitting at the very heart of power. It concludes with a call for a democratic revolution and sets out proposals for reform.

I interviewed Owen for New Internationalist online and reviewed his book for the October issue of the magazine. Read the interview here. Climate Radio looked at the rotten state of our democracy and the need for radical reform in a panel discussion in April last year which you can listen to here. Meanwhile Occupy London are calling for an occupation of Parliament Square from 17-26 October. Here’s some advance information about that:

Tate à Tate on Resonance FM

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“This is a highly effective, unpreventable form of non-violent dissent – and also a sensual, personal work of art in its own right.”

On Saturday, 12pm-4pm, Resonance FM & Liberate Tate joined forces for an alternative group tour of London’s Tate galleries facilitated by a special FM radio broadcast. Real life and radio combined as participants were guided through Tate Britain, onto the Tate Boat and through the Tate Modern by a sequence of guerilla audio guides created by leading London artists.

You can now listen to the archived broadcast above which includes live interviews with Gulf of Mexico residents testifying about the state Gulf four years after the Deepwater Horizon well was capped; as well as campaigners from the fossil fuel divestment movement and artist Ansuman Biswas. The last half hour was given over to a special panel debate on fossil fuel sponsorship of the arts chaired by writer and researcher Alice Bell.

The broadcast also includes three specially designed sound works explore BP’s controversial sponsorship of the Tate galleries. These were commissioned by Liberate Tate, Art Not Oil and Platform London as part of the campaign to end fossil fuel sponsorship of the arts. The works are by Ansuman Biswas (Tate Britain), Isa Suarez, Mae Martin and Mark McGowan aka The Artist Taxi Driver (Tate Boat) and Jim Whelton and, yours truly, Phil England (Tate Modern).

For full details see the Facebook event page:

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