#22: From Washington to Copenhagen

The 300-350 Show on May 28, 2009

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With a new President in the White House there’s a fresh approach to climate change and energy policy in the US. But the Energy bill currently going through Congress is based on the widely-criticised “Cap & Trade” system and has been weakened further by a massive corporate lobbying campaign. How does this feed into the UN talks in Bonn in June which prepare the way for the critical meeting in Copenhagen in December? We get an informed critique of the Bill from Oscar Reyes of Carbon Trade Watch and ask him what to look out for in Bonn.

Key points

Oscar’s tips on what to look for in Bonn:

Corporate lobbying

Corporates lobby against US Climate Bill – Suzanne Goldenberg (Guardian, 12 May)
Key Democrats in the pay of vested interests (Grist, 2 May)
Key Democrat boasts that “Cap & Trade” offsets mean coal can continue
Centre for Public Integrity investigations on corporate climate lobbyists
Key European officials confirm corporate efforts to weaken EU trading scheme

“Cap & Trade” critiques

James Hansen’s Testimony on “Cap & Trade” vs “Tax & 100% Dividend”
Friends of the Earth “A Dangerous Distraction” report
Carbon Trade Watch – various
The Subprime Carbon Report + Video (FoE US)
Larry Lohman: Financialization, Quantism and Carbon Markets

Criticism of the use of international offsets in the UK

Tyndall Centre says the UK’s use of international offsets will delay the move to a low-carbon society and create dangerous high-carbon lock-in
UK must set and meet ambitious targets without the use of international offsets (Andy Atkins, Director, Friends of the Earth)

International offsets in the US “Cap & Trade” Bill

Breakthrough Institute on international offsets
International Rivers, etc analysis

Obama’s election platform

Obama & Biden: New Energy for America
Compare the Candidates, Grist 2008

Industrialised country ambitions for Copenhagen

“Not much bolder than Kyoto?” Reuters analysis inc. Bill Hare quote (7 May)
EU position on Copenhagen (Jan, 2009)
US Climate Plan Threatens EU Targets

Ceiling and floor price on Carbon

Lord Adair Turner adds his voice to the call for a “floor” (ie minimum) price on carbon
Newsnight’s Ethical man on Cap & Trade Bill’s $28 upper cap on carbon price

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